(Re)Discover the City of Lights

If you want to experience Paris for the first time or 
 to explore more of the city, you are in the right spot!

Get the most personnalised experience

Is it your first time in Paris or are you already an expert? Do you prefer visiting the churches of the Latin quarter or the theaters of the Right Bank? Whatever your budget and your interests are, there is a tour for you! 

Booking a private tour with me allows you to make sure that you will have the tour no one else would have, the tour tailor-made for you.

Weekly group tours

Every week, I offer a two-hour tour to discover a specific neighbourhood, era or figure of Paris, one in English and one in French. This is the best way to rediscover the city or to add a great experience to your trip!

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Who am I?

My name is Hugo and I am a young guide eager to show you my beloved city. I have a degree in History and art history from la Sorbonne and I'm here to help you become experts of Paris. But I always try to keep it fun and to show you the everyday-life of the city.

Why visit Paris with a guide?

Paris is an incredible city where every street is full of wonders and stories. It is easy to feel lost and we discover something new each time. As a guide, I want to help you explore hidden treasures and to take you on a customised itinerary just for you.

What can I do for you?

I am specialised in the history of churches, theatre and social movements in Paris. I will give you my recommandations of things to do in the city: restaurants, exhibitions, gardens etc.
I can give you tours in English or in French!

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